Aceh Museum

Aceh Museum, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

aceh museum,banda aceh,indonesia

Aceh Museum is located at Jalan Sultan Alaidin Mahmudsyah, Banda Aceh.

Aceh Museum was founded in the reign of the Dutch East Indies, that its use was inaugurated by the Governor-General of the Civil and Military Aceh H.N.A Swart on July 31, 1915.

Dutch government in 1914 build Rumoh Atjeh (House of Aceh). The Rumoh Atjeh function as a place to exhibit items from Aceh in the Colonial Exhibition (de-koniale tenstoonsteling).

The exhibition is held in Semarang, Central Java on April 13 to August 15, 1915. When finished the exhibition, the building was unloaded and taken back to Kutaraja. Furthermore Rumoh Atjeh was built according to its original shape and be a Aceh Museum which was placed next to the field eksplanade Kutaraja. The museum community is also called by the name “Rumoh Aceh”.

At the time of exhibition in Semarang, Aceh Pavilion showcased its collection are mostly privately owned F.W Stammeshaus, which in 1915 became the first Curator of Aceh Museum. Besides collections of Stammeshaus, also exhibited the collection of heirlooms from Aceh authorities, thereby Pavilion Aceh is Pavilion wich the most complete collection.

At the exhibition pavilion Aceh had received 4 gold medals, 11 silver, 3 bronze, and the charter of the award for best pavilion. The fourth gold medal was awarded to: performances, the dolls Aceh, etnografika, and currency; silver for the show, photos, and household appliances.

Because of this success, Stammeshaus propose to the Governor of Aceh to order that the Pavilion was brought back to Aceh and be a Museum. This idea was accepted by the Governor of Aceh, Swart.

On the initiative of Stammeshaus, the Pavilion was restored to the Aceh province, and on July 31, 1915 was inaugurated as a Aceh Museum, located on the East Blang Padang in Kutaraja (now,Banda Aceh). This museum is under the responsibility of civilian and military authorities in Aceh, F.W Stammeshaus as the first curator.

Aceh Museum Collections

After Indonesia gained its independence, Aceh Museum belongs to the Regional Government of Aceh which is manage by the Regional Government of Banda Aceh. In 1969 at the initiative of T. Hamzah Bendahara, Aceh Museum moved from the old place (Blang Padang) to a place that now, at Jalan Sultan Alaidin Mahmudsyah, in the land area of ​​10,800 m2.

Currently Aceh Museum is a museum administered by the Government and as a repository of historic objects, from the kingdom until the time of independence. Collections of the museum include: stamps the Kingdom of Aceh, Replication Tomb Malikul Saleh, ancient manuscripts, the Kingdom of Aceh Currency and others.

Collections that have been able to be collected, gradually the research and the results published to the widely publicized.

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